Food and Drink

Incredible innovations are supporting the food and drink industry to grow for gold

Scotland's only food lab featuring a climate-controlled consumer experience area and one of the UK’s biggest research centres in food, energy and environmental security, the region’s food scientists and technologists are coming up with solutions on how to feed the world now – and in the future.

The globally recognised James Hutton Institute generates ground-breaking research in a range of disciplines in environmental, crop and food science.

The development of an advanced plant growth centre supports the development of next generation controlled agriculture, through sensors, robotics, and machine learning protocols to further optimise and automate the crop production process.

It’s pressing forward with an International Barley Hub to provide a global centre of excellence in the long term sustainability of the crop, considering population growth, climate change and global food security issues.

The James Hutton Institute is home to the most advanced vertical farm in the world – developed by Intelligent Growth Solutions. The research being conducted using this controlled growing environment draws on regional expertise.

The University of Abertay has state-of-the-art food labs and is the base for a research partnership investigating how products may be made from fruit that would usually go to waste – topical given the region is renowned for its award-winning soft fruit growers. In fact Angus region boats 40% of Scotland’s Class A agricultural land.

It’s not just food production, but food waste reduction that comes under scrutiny. Zero Waste Scotland launched its first dedicated food waste reduction support across Dundee, Angus and Fife. It has been designed to place the region at the forefront of the nation’s food waste revolution and involves small and micro businesses, schools, colleges, universities and community groups working to meet the Government food waste reduction goals by 33% by 2025.

The region is actively seeking solutions to the serious topics impacting on the food and drink industry on a global level.