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Importance of Pathfinders

Business events and communities are coming together to create a platform for global solutions that aim to transform societies and bring about change for the next generation.

The goal is to unite business professionals, researchers, and academic experts worldwide and strengthen existing networks while creating new communities that can tackle global challenges such as climate change, healthcare, education, and digitisation.

Through collective efforts, we strive to influence policies and actions that can help improve communities and enable various sectors to lead in a global community. Our aim is to provide a sense of community, facilitate networking opportunities, and foster local and global collaboration, research, and investment to promote industry innovation.

We believe that aligning business, academia, and research interests will advance research, accelerate innovation, support the reinvention of new economies, and foster international trade and intellectual engagement.

Our efforts also aim to attract inward investment and people and develop skills to support existing and new local and global economies.