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C&IT - Government MP address difficult questions about the events industry

Calum Di Lieto, Editor of C&IT (Conference & Incentive Travel), hosted the event and questioned the Parliament Under Secretary of State for Sport, Tourism & Heritage about the government's intentions for the business events industry.


G3 Partners AIPC, ICCA and UFI release 'Good Practice Guide: Addressing COVID-19 Requirements for Re-opening Business Events - Version 2'

The Guide builds on the first report published in May and includes 12 mini case-studies and learnings from events which successfully took place during July and August around the world. It follows the series of COVID-19 related publications by the three associations and it is being shared with the respective memberships. It continues to support their work to create conditions and safeguards that will enable the smooth reopening of their activities while observing the needs and expectations of relevant governments and health authorities.

Read the full press release here


Flip the Switch: Executing hybrid events - BrightTALK Business

Gone are the days of a single fixed camera passing for a “virtual event.” Now, true hybrid events integrate the virtual and physical to create an environment where attendees, presenters, and vendors can interact seamlessly. Executing effective hybrid events doesn’t have to be a headache. Join the BrightTALK team as we guide you step-by-step through planning and launching.


Whitepaper by MPI: Navigating the new normal

In this whitepaper, Meetings Professional International have presented tips for organising meetings and events in a post-Covid world. From food/beverage adjustments & room layouts to legal & insurance considerations.


JMIC Global Manifesto Presents Arguments for Business Events to Lead Global Recovery and Renewal

How can governments harness the power of business events to advance a broad-based recovery?  Which destination-specific strategies will activate this power for economic stimulation?  This manifesto lays out 15 compelling reasons why business events create strategic advantage in economic recovery and renewal from their multi-sector impacts to community legacies – and all with measurable ROI.


GLOBAL INSIGHTS - The Future of aviation and air travel safety and customer confidence

The entire hospitality sector has been massively impacted by the pandemic, with aviation being one of the first to be hit, and a sector which will take a long time to recover.  Airports expect that pre COVID levels of demand won’t return until after 2022, however, the entire hospitality and business events sector is dependent on the aviation sector reassuring customers and creating trust in their operations so that they start taking to the air again.

Airports and airlines are adapting to a new reality and the industry as we knew it won’t be the same in future:

  • 97% of traffic at Heathrow airport has been stripped away
    Glasgow airport would normally see 45,000 passengers a day and this has fallen to 600
  • In March, before the full lockdown was implemented, Edinburgh Airport was warning of ‘close to zero passenger demand in the coming months’
  • Aberdeen Airport has seen passenger numbers fall by 85%, which is slightly less of a fall than some other airports due to its role in transporting workers for the energy sector

Airline competition for passengers will be intense in future and the airlines which are agile, efficient and adaptable to future passenger worries will be the winners.  Airports – and indeed whole countries – will have to play their role in ensuring a safe and clean environment in order to remain competitive.


The future of Global Association Meetings - The New Association Reality Survey Report

ICCA (The International Congress and Convention Association has been working with several leading industry bodies to identify what changes associations have made and intend to make due to the impact of COVID-19.  In particular, the research investigated the recovery processes and activity undertaken to build more sustainable associations and ensure their long-term success as well as their ongoing use of meetings as a key communication, networking and education too.

The key findings include:

  • 66% believe that COVID-19 will fundamentally change how they operate in the future
  • Event and sponsorship revenue sources are under review by 55% of associations
  • 49% are reviewing membership models
  • 84% intend to include hybrid and digital elements to events going forward, with a general opinion that they should lead to increased attendance
  • 60% of respondents believe that there are limitations to the ultimate success of virtual events when compared to face to face
  • 28% said geographic rotations are under review and likely to change in the future
  • 78% would consider the use of a meetings management company going forward
    Click here to view the full report

Global Sentiments and Good Practice Guides to reopening Business Events

What may become the expected norm for business meetings?

There is, unsurprisingly, much work going on around the globe to plan for the ending of lockdown restrictions and a return to operations for business events, as well as around what the future of business events will look like.

Event organisers and future delegates will all have higher expectations of trust and transparency from all event suppliers.  Suppliers and partners will need to react to what has happened, make changes and introduce new protocols which mitigate risk and to communicate the change to event organisers.  It’s unlikely that high levels of trust will be reached until the development and implementation of a vaccine, so the focus for many will be business events closer to home, with international events returning once a successful vaccine is found.

A good practice guide to reopening business events has been released this week by ICCA prepared by the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC), the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) which aims to help convention and exhibition centres, event and congress organisers and meeting destinations prepare for smooth, safe reopening of business following the initial outbreak of COVID-19.  We are awaiting further guidance from both the UK and Scottish Government, but this guide informs some thinking about how we can all help our destination begin to prepare for reopening. 


2019 Annual Destination Report - Final Report

The 2019 Annual Destination Survey – Final Report is now available.  It’s been a year since I shared our annual destination report with you, and I started then by quoting that ‘statistics is the science of learning from experience’. Perhaps this is a statement which holds even more true for us in 2020 as we look towards a future changed by Coronavirus. 

This report is based on responses from 762 UK and international delegates attending business events supported by Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau between 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019.  The survey included questions on all aspects of the conference event experience in the region. 


2019 Destination Survey Interim Report

In return for the support provided through the bureau to any element of a conference hosted in the region of Dundee, Angus, Fife and Perthshire, we ask organisers to work with us to send out a joint online post event survey to gain feedback about both the conference and our destination from the delegate’s perspective.


2019: another year of growth on the horizon for Dundee’s business events sector

Dundee’s thriving business events sector is set for even further success in 2019 with six major conferences worth over £1.6 million being brought to the city by Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau Conference Ambassador Programme.


2018 Annual Report: Another year of success for Dundee and Angus’ business events sector

It is said that statistics is the science of learning from experience – our statistics for 2018 have been published and what we learn and develop from our experience in the previous years has materialised into very positive results.


Feedback: Evaluating Success and Moving Forward

Feedback: the shortest word in the English language containing the letters a, b, c, d, e and f.

It’s also the central element in our annual report – the Annual Destination Feedback Report -which has just been finalised, and things are looking very positive indeed. As reflected in the feedback report, 2018 has been another year of success for business events in Dundee and Angus.


The importance of numbers - call for statistics and a look to the future

With the twelve days of Christmas in mind – we’re focussing on the importance of numbers this month and sending a timely reminder for our partners to send in their monthly reports for the end of the year.

It’s said that you can’t manage what you can’t measure … and if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.  And that is as true in terms of business events as it is in every sector of life.


Reinventing the Wheel: Project Legend Highlights Dundee and Angus’ Inspiring Innovators

World-leading innovators and researchers from across Dundee and Angus have helped the region reach over 100,000 people around the world during the last year.

Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau has been showcasing the area’s incredible spirit of discovery through Project Legend, a VisitScotland initiative that is highlighting the country’s incredible achievements.