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Economic value of Business Events

The Dundee City Region Convention Bureau collaborates with its partners to showcase the Dundee City Region and Scotland. It is a place where numerous journeys start, driven by our pioneering spirit, dedication to equality, and continuous pursuit of progress. We firmly believe that business events are vital in promoting social change. By working together to overcome obstacles, we can build a brighter future.

The team and partners work towards this goal through the Pathfinders Programme. This programme acknowledges the importance of hosting conferences and meetings to advance research, raise the profile of leading institutes and industry sectors, widen opportunities for collaboration, and secure future funding. Business events can be a powerful platform for organisations, institutions, delegates, and communities worldwide. These events can raise awareness and advocate for those affected by various challenges such as climate change, social inequality, food poverty, and human rights. Our region is well-equipped to advocate for communities worldwide, with leading research centres and innovative companies across various sectors. Business events can be used as a platform to foster collaboration and innovation and solve shared challenges.

Although the true value of the knowledge gained and shared is priceless, we can help you estimate your event's impact on the local economy using the Direct Expenditure calculator found on the home page. The Direct Expenditure Benefit (DEB) rates are recognised by the Scottish Government and are used by all industries, cities, and destinations across Scotland.

About the Delegate Expenditure Benefit Research

The Delegate Expenditure Benefit research was conducted in 2006 in partnership between VisitScotland, Failte Ireland, VisitWales and Meet GB. The research looked at the various components of expenditure for each event type and arrived at a figure, the Direct Expenditure Benefit (DEB) rates that is recognised across the UK and Ireland.

The DEB rates are updated periodically using Scottish Government inflation indexes and were raised to 2018 prices.

Direct Expenditure Benefits (DEB) are calculated as delegates x days x DEB rate = direct expenditure benefit (DEB) to a destination. This does not take into account travel to a destination, but does include all local expenditure by or on behalf of a delegate or accompanying delegates.

In 2018 prices the DEB rates are:

  • Corporate Day - £150
  • Corporate Multi-day - £574
  • Domestic association day - £213
  • Domestic association multi-day - £576
  • International association - £455
  • Incentive - £366

For the purpose of this study, a conference was defined as an out of office meeting of at least 6 hours involving a minimum of 15 people. Where there was any ambiguity in defining the type of meeting, it was left to the organiser to select the appropriate category.

The DEB rates are recognised by Scottish Government and used by all cities, destinations and industry across Scotland.