Upcoming conference

2024 SABE/IAREP Conference

Dalhousie Building, Old Hawkhill, Dundee DD1 5EN

August 19-22, 2024

19/08/24 - 22/08/24

Partnerships: the building block supporting collaboration and innovation 

Our region is home to some of the world's most distinguished research institutions and pioneering companies, leading their respective sectors. Business events play a crucial role in encouraging innovation and collaboration.  These events provide a platform for experts from both local and international communities to come together and devise solutions to common challenges.

Business events are vital for facilitating meaningful interactions that contribute to the economy's and society's overall growth.  Such gatherings allow individuals to share ideas and establish valuable connections that can significantly impact their respective fields.  We understand the importance of these meetings and are committed to ensuring that they are conducted professionally and productively, benefiting all participants.

Business events can be a powerful platform for organisations, institutions, delegates, and communities worldwide.  By addressing pressing issues such as climate change, social inequality, food poverty, and human rights, these events can raise awareness and advocate for those who are affected by these challenges.

The role of the convention bureau goes beyond finding a venue and supporting planning. It involves collaboration among the convention bureau, local authorities, industry, and academia to create impactful legacy opportunities. 
To this end, the team actively work with partners, the community, and organisers to implement elements of the four Impact Pillars below into their planning.

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