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Pushing the energy sector forward

Talk to anyone about the energy industry and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the north of Scotland is home to all the country’s major innovations. But that couldn’t be further from the truth – Dundee, Angus, Fife and Perthshire are at the forefront of many of the sector’s most recent exciting developments. Here are just a few that have caught our eye…

The future of clean energy

The Port of Dundee continues to make its mark on the energy industry with its involvement in the construction of the Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) offshore wind farm off the Fife coast.

The port has a strong reputation for decommissioning in the North Sea oil and gas industry, but in recent years has also been strengthening its offshore wind offering.

All 54 turbines for NnG will be assembled at the port. Once in place and fully operation, the wind farm will generate enough electricity to power around 375,000 homes – making a huge step towards a greener future for the UK’s energy supply.

Re-using waste to create energy

Professor Joseph Akunna’s research into the treatment of industrial and municipal waste has led to interesting developments in the uses for its by-products. Alongside his team at Abertay University, Professor Akunna has investigated how the biogas – which can be used to generate power – can be extracted from the microbial remnants of what would otherwise be thought of as merely a pollutant.

Perthshire leading the way in renewable energy

In 2017, Perthshire produced 1,400,000MWh of renewable energy. The region is leading the way in the adoption of clean energy, with over 150 businesses based in the area working on low carbon energy. In 2018, the region produced twice the Scottish average of renewable energy per household – and an incredible five times the UK average.

Leading researchers come together

The region continues to be at the forefront of the conferencing industry, with many events focusing on outputs form the global energy industry. The EuroCoalAsh 2019 conference for example, saw delegates from 18 countries across the globe come together to discuss uses for by-products from fossil fuel power generation.