16 May - 17 May 2024

ENFSI OOS 2024 : Visualising the Future

European Network of Forensic Science Institutes

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About ENFSI OOS 2024 : Visualising the Future

We are extremely grateful for the generous support and help we receive from our partners. Thanks to all involved in bringing us together for the ENFSI OOS 2024 : Visualising the Future

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Visualising the Future

16th-17th May 2024
Dalhousie Building, Dundee

ENFSI OOS - One Day, One Subject - Seminar brings together experts from different forensic working groups to explore a common theme.

About Seminar:  Our one off seminar is dedicated to exploring the recording of crime scenes using photographic and three dimensional imaging methods. Virtual recorded scenes can improve understanding of an incident for all involved including the judiciary in an inclusive and immersive manner, presenting the context of evidence directly within a scene.

The meeting will consider three strands across one and a half days with a focus on case studies on day 2.  

  • 3D imaging methods; technical methods and production.
  • Assisting the investigation and end users; case studies exploring value added.
  • Improvement and pedagogy; proficiency testing, assessment, validation and collaborative exercises.

Day 1 will be open to both virtual and, in person attendance. Day 2 will be in person attendance only.

Call for Abstracts - Deadline Extended to 18 April 2024 - full details listed below.

Registration is open - full details listed below.

Location:  The conference is being held at Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee. Location on Google Maps

The University of Dundee is an excellent location within a highly regarded academic institution that has current research projects in virtual reality applications.

We look forward to seeing you May.

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Call for Abstracts

We are inviting presentations and posters aligning to the following strands:

  • 3D imaging methods; technical methods and production.
  • Assisting the investigation and end users; case studies exploring value added.
  • Improvement and pedagogy; proficiency testing, assessment, validation and collaborative exercises.

Abstract Guidelines:

  • Word count up to 200 words
  • All delegates may submit an abstract for oral presentation and/or poster
  • Please do not include sensitive information in the abstract/poster

Submit your Abstract - Deadline Extended to Thursday 18 April 2024


Registration In-Person (Thursday and Friday): £120 GBP

  • Includes full attendance at the 2-day meeting with refreshments and lunch

Conference Dinner (Thursday evening): £50 GBP

  • The fee includes a drinks reception on board the Royal Research Ship Discovery. Three-course dinner (in the Discovery Point visitor centre), two drinks with dinner, and coffee.

Registration Virtual (Thursday only): £90 GBP

  • Online attendance at the conference on Thursday 16 May 2024

Visit Registration Form to secure your place

Conference Announcements

Conference Venue - Dalhousie Building

The conference is being held at the award-winning Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee. Named after the Earl of Dalhousie, the second Chancellor of the University, this was designed by Campbell & Arnott and opened by the Queen in 2007.

Accessibility: There is a platform lift at the main entrance. There are double automatic doors at the rear entrance. View detailed accessibility information at AccessAble

Sustainability: Find out how the Hospitality Services and the University are working towards sustainable food. Hospitality Catering - sustainable food policy

Location: Old Hawkhill, Dundee DD1 5EN Directions courtesy of Google Maps


Social Venue - RRS Discovery and Discovery Point

The dinner will be held at the iconic RRS Discovery and Discovery Point where delegates attending the dinner will have access to the famous ship for a drink and self guided tour.

RRS Discovery & Discovery Point offer fantastic views over the River Tay towards the rolling hills of Fife which create a wonderful scene for any occasion. The keen sense of history throughout the venue contrasts and combines with the latest technology, to offer you the best of both worlds.

Remember to book your dinner ticket when you register for the conference.

Accessiblity: Read Acessibility Guide

Sustainabilty: Awarded Green Tourism Silver Award.  Read about their Sustainability

Location: Discovery Quay, Dundee DD1 4XA Directions courtesy of Google Maps 

Official Conference Accommodation Portal

We are working with Dundee City Region Convention Bureau and DACBRes to manage accommodation for our conference providing a variety of accommodation in the city centre.

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Discounted flights to/from Dundee with Loganair

Loganair is offering up to 30% off flights to delegates travelling to/from Dundee from London Heathrow (LHR), Sumburgh (LSI) and Kirkwall (KOI) Airports for this conference. 

Please book at Loganair.co.uk before 19 May 2024, quoting promotional code ENFSI24 at the time of booking, for travel between 13 May 2024 – 19 May 2024.

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Guidance on Travelling Safely and your Travel Made Easy Guide

Follow government guidance on travelling safely in the UK and Scotland.

Read our Travel Made Easy Guide (link opens in new window) on how to get to Dundee from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Airport, including coach travel to Dundee.

Conference Privacy Statement

Conference Sustainability and Health & Wellbeing Guide

The organisers of ENFSI OOS 2024: Visualising the Future aims to minimise the environmental impact of the meeting and contribute towards a safe and healthy environment.

Read our Sustainability Aims (pdf document)

Read our Health & Wellbeing Guide (pdf document)

Dundee is famous for Jute, Jam, Journalism and so much more

Jute: Dundee, employing more than half the population in the mills, earned the nickname 'Juteopolis'. Visit Verdant Works a world class visitor attraction (external link).

Jam:  In 1938, the Mackays brothers converted the Mackay factory (originally a carrot processing facility) in Carnoustie, Angus into a jam-making facility sourcing berries locally.  Dundee Marmalade, the original marmalade, was created in Dundee in 1797.  Read more and details to visit Mackays factory shop.

Journalism: DC Thomson is a family business that was established in Dundee by publisher D.C.Thomson in the early 20th century.  Home to the world's oldest magazine, The Scot Magazine.  The Beano (launched in 1938) is the world's longest running weekly comic. Read about DC Thomson and their history (external link).

Our heritage and the people who shaped it form the basis of our city's culture and the stories we pass on to future generations.  Dundee and the surrounding region are home to numerous remarkable individuals who have made groundbreaking contributions to our community and the world at large.

The following are just a few of the stories:

Royal Research Ship Discovery | Dundee Shipbuilders 1901
The Royal Research Ship Discovery was built in the city of Dundee by skilled craftsmen and shipbuilders, awarded the contract due to their internationally renowned skills in constructing wooden ships for the city’s whaling industry.  This ship was used by Captain Robert Falcon Scott when he sailed on his first voyage to Antarctica in 1901.  One of the inspirations for the voyage was the pioneering Dundee Whalers’ Antarctic expedition of 1892.  Scott’s expedition can be seen aboard the RRS Discovery berthed in Dundee, at Discovery Point.  Visit Discovery Point award-winning visitor attraction (external link)

Pioneered the use of X-rays in Dundee  |  Dr George Alexander Pirie 1863 – 1929  
George Alexander Pirie was an early pioneer in the use of X-rays in clinical medicine between 1896 and 1925 at the Dundee Royal Infirmary.  He paid a high price for his research, which ultimately led to the amputation of both hands due to his exposure to radiation.  In 1926, Dr Pirie was awarded a Carnegie Trust medal and pension, and the citizens of Dundee presented him with a sum of money raised by them in recognition of his achievements.

Discovered the basis for aspirin  |  Dr Thomas J Maclagan 1838 – 1903  
Dr Thomas J Maclagan was a doctor and pharmacologist based at Dundee’s Royal Infirmary from 1864 to 1866.  During this time, he carried out research into the effect of Salicin, an extract from willow bark, and a known anti-rheumatic treatment.  This work was then taken up by German researchers who used salicin to develop acetyl-salicylic acid – more commonly known today as aspirin.

Missionary  |  Mary Slessor 1848 – 1915  
Mary Slessor, a skilled jute worker, became a missionary for the church in Calabar, West Africa at the age of 28.  She was unique due to her desire to live as they lived, which gained her the respect of many local people.  Superstition was prevalent within local tribes, and it was common for twins to be killed when born.  This led to Mary saving many children and raising them herself. 
Mary Slessor became the first woman to be depicted on a Scottish banknote. 
Pioneer of Electricity  |  James Bowman Lindsay 1799 – 1862  
James Bowman Lindsay, born near Arbroath, is known as a visionary and pioneer of electricity.  In 1854, Lindsay patented his system of wireless telegraphy through water.  He perfected the world’s first constant electric light, although Edison was credited for the invention of the electric lightbulb 40 years later.  Lindsay predicted that cities would be lit by electricity; however, his main objective was to produce a safe method for the jute mills of Dundee to be illuminated. 
Inventor of the adhesive postage stamp  |  James Chalmers 1782 – 1853  
James Chalmers was eventually recognised much later for developing an adhesive penny postage stamp in 1834.  He was born in Arbroath in 1782 and became a weaver, moving to Dundee in 1809.  Chalmers served as Town Councillor, promoting burgh reform on taxes and excise duty, and it was through his printing and publishing experience, he developed an adhesive postage stamp.  His fifth son, Patrick, fought for twelve years to have him recognised as the inventor, and his gravestone now bears this acknowledgement. 
Pioneering scientist who applied mathematics and physics to nature  |  Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson 1860 – 1948  
D’Arcy Thompson became the first Professor of Biology at University College Dundee in 1885, a post he held for 32 years.  During this time, he collected zoological specimens from around the world and used them in researching his ground-breaking book ‘On Growth and Form’.  It proposed that the natural world was ruled by the laws of mathematics and was seen by many as an alternative to Darwinian evolution.  Thompson’s work is central to current research into biomathematics and developmental biology, and has also influenced the worlds of art and architecture.  Much of his collection can still be seen today in the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum (external link) at the University of Dundee. 

Getting around Dundee

Get active out and about in Dundee city.  A compact city bursting with places of interest, history, and things to see, it is so easy to get around.

Dundee’s active travel routes in and around the city have been developed over the last few years with a key objective to encourage active travel through walking, cycling and public transport, and deploy sustainable alternatives to decarbonise transport.  Read more on Dundee.com Active Travel website.

MixMap is a friendly, easy to use, locally produced Dundee map for tourists showcasing the colourful range of independent businesses, attractions and places of interest in Dundee and Broughty Ferry.

We want to help you make the most of your time in our city. Discover great little shops, welcoming restaurants, immersive attractions with MixMap The Dundee Tourist Map (opens a pdf document).

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For conference enquiries email ENFSIOOS24@dundee.ac.uk


We are extremely grateful for the generous support and help we receive from our partners. Thanks to all involved in bringing us together for the ENFSI OOS 2024 : Visualising the Future