21 November - 23 November 2019


Contact: Debbie Ree

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Dundee and Angus are delighted to be hosting the 16th Architectural Humanities Research Association International Conference (AHRA2019), ARCHITECTURE & COLLECTIVE LIFE.

The Architectural Humanities Research Association was founded to create a space for thoughtful debate about architecture and its many practices. The aim of Architecture & Collective Life is to frame this debate in terms of the individual and the collective, because, to our mind, these categories can be used to scrutinize the spatial and social relations that organize cities and societies.

Architecture & Collective Life interrogates the relations that bind people and buildings into cities, and cities into civilizations. Vitruvius’ account of the primitive hut is as much about the emergence of speech-bound society from an instinctual solipsism, as it is about the emergence of the symbolic codes of architecture from twig gathering. Read more

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